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Tips to get you Started

Be on the Lookout for Inspiration

Begin by thumbing through magazines, catalogs, flyers, anything! Your magazines or picture books need not necessarily be only interior design, but can come from fashion, nature, or perhaps even food.


Cut out and save those inspirations in a folder with pockets or simply pin them up on your bulletin board.


Or click through images on the internet and print off styles of furniture, colors, fabrics, materials, room layouts and whatever you like. Pinterest can help "pin" digital images to your Pinterest account which can easily be shared with others.


Over time, you will build up a sense for your style and taste.

What Colors Move You?
There is a whole psychology to Color and in fact a whole bunch of Science behind it. So if you have trouble picking colors for your spaces do not feel bad.
Light and paint pigments affect each other and colors appear to change during different times of the day and with artificial lighting.
Colors also affect different people in different ways, especially when their geographic origins and cultural backgrounds are taken into consideration.
"Moods" can quickly be generated by the use of color. For example:

Expresses excitement, speed, power, joy, danger, and passion.

Visually pops out. Adds vitality to other colors. Bright yellow can be unsettling, but gold tones signify wealth.

Stimulating, energizing. Has high visibility. Favorite with children and teens. Peach tones more flattering to the skin.

So, when you walk into a space or see one depicted somewhere, take note of how it makes you feel.

Take Photos Wherever You Go
Today's technology allows us to capture virtually everything we see or encounter. With Smartphones and their fabulous cameras it is extremely easy to store, for later, references ​taken from our everyday lives. You might be out at the mall, or at a fabulous hotel which has "looks" or styles you love and find inspiring. 

Save them up. Print them off if you like and you'll have a collage of visual information helping you define your preferences and perhaps the direction you'd like to move towards for your interior design projects.

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